Develop Without Borders Contest

Having spent the past few weeks assiting a customer on some Word Addin issues, I've come to like the development platform that is Office.  You can do some pretty cool stuff with it, even in just the Macro language.  I'm in the process of trying to fully implement GTD in my life (I've been a Mission Control devotee for about two years.) and have done some work on tweaking the Macros that Simon Guest posted for implementing GTD in Outlook 2007 (more on this later).

That said, this contest came accross an internal alias.

The contest is called Develop without Borders.  It challenges developers around the world to design Office business applications that support non-profit organizations.  It was developed as a joint effort between both the Information Worker and Developer Platform teams with support from HP and offers over $160,000 in prizes. I'm fairly sure I'm not eligilbe for the prizes, but seems like a cool way to help out.