Disabling the animated CallerID on the Audiovox SMT5600

As I've mentioned earlier, I've traded my Samsung SPH-i600 Smartphone for the hot new Audiovox SMT5600 from AT&T Wireless Cingular.  A co-worker of mine was determined to disable the animated caller-id application and finally determined how to take it out of the startup folder so it doesn't run. The result is the caller id screen from the base OS which is much less annoying and faster load

  • Start -> File Manager (over a decade since Windows 3.1 and now my phone runs File Mangler - nice.)
  • Navigate to \Storage\windows\startup and move the file ID_CID_Startup.exe somewhere else (I put mine in \Storage\Program Files)
    Note: You may not see this file by default as it is hidden. Open the options dialog via the right soft key and change the settings so you can see hidden files.
  • Power cycle the phone

To get back to the original configuration, just copy the ID_CID_Startup.exe back to the directory.  Also note that this will disable the photo caller id functionality, which I wasn't going to use anyway.