New Windows Local Live Features - Milwaukee Traffic

I was looking at some of the new features of WLL and saw that there were a few collections of traffic cameras and decided since WisDOT publishes traffic camera images on its website it wouldn't be too hard to put together a collection.  It was actually really simple to do - check out the results!  With the new traffic flow information it might be handy for driving around Milwaukee.  The collection also got picked up over on Pass the POI:

I have to say, I am completely impressed with the work the WLL team is doing.  The functionality of the site is amazing. I can actually admit to favoring it now over Google Maps.  I really like the lack of chrome on the site. Throw IE in full screen mode and you see a lot of map.  If the main menu bar at the top had an auto-hide function, the map would be almost completely chrome-less.