Playing with Writer

Though hardly breaking news at this point, I'll point folks to the new Windows Live Writer blog posting tool.  I've been playing with it for a couple weeks no (we were under quarantine about talking about it) and like it pretty much so far (though I still have a tendency to use the web interface Community Server gives you).  The public seems to like it too.  I'll be curious to see what folks do with the plugin API.  Tim Heuer has already put together a Flickr plugin that eases inserting Flickr images.  The photo below is a photo of my son that I've got up on Flickr:


Inserting that took a couple clicks, though on Flickr itself, getting the HTML to insert a photo elsewhere isn't too difficult.

BTW - the above shot is one of my first "keeper" photos I've taken using the awesome techniques outlined by David Hobby on the Strobist blog.  David is a photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun and has been sharing load of techniques for doing off camera lighting (all for real cheap, assuming you already have a DSLR).