Repeater update

Oh yeah, I’m taking the plunge on a repeater.  I ordered a Digital Antenna DA4000SBR dual-band repeater from Concord Marine Electronics.  Turns out these things are popular on yachts (get a directional antenna and point it at shore and extend coverage quite a ways out onto the water).  A co-worker pointed me to Concord as they had the best price when he was looking for one.  They don’t seem to do e-commerce right now, but ordering over the phone was easy enough.  I’m hoping to have it by the weekend.  The story from the coworker:

“I installed the PowerMax Wireless Cellular Amplifier/Repeater by Digital Antenna and it works great for not only my Verizon Wireless cell phone but it also works for my 1xRTT Verizon Wireless PC card.  Even standing on the roof of my house with my laptop in hand I was not previously able to get any useable signal with the PC card and now I can consistently get 3 out of 4 bars.  I can get 4 bars on my cell phone where I could only previously get an occasional two only after walking down my driveway.”