Pretty stale posts here, if I don't say so myself.  Can't say I've really been inspired by anything as of late - mainly plugging away supporting customers. 

I can breifly say this much, after finally getting a chance to kick the tires on Visual Studio 2005, it sure does live up to the hype.  I'm actually off to visit a one of my support customers tomorrow who is trying to pull out all the stops to move their site to v2.0 of the framework.   In terms of Visual Studio Team System, after walking through a few scenarios using the work item tracking system and the new source control, I honestly miss writing production code even more.  I could really see it removing quite a bit of the BS you go through on a project.  The challenge will probably be educating Project Mangers on getting the information they need out of the system (and weening them off of productivity-sapping status meetings).