Time Zones in Outlook 2007

I've been using Office 2007 since sometime between Beta1 TR and Beta 2.  (I'm currently on a post Beta 2 build.)  I'm slowly finding some cool stuff, and recently discovered Melissa MacBeth's blog on Task and Time Management.  A guest post by Hank Leukart covers a cool new feature for appointments - being able to specify start and end times in different time zones.

Since a fair number of my customers are in the Eastern Time Zone, and I'm in the Central, this could be handy.  I've long used the "show additional time zone" on my calendar, which has been in the past few versions. (In the Outlook Calendar, right click the time bar, choose "Change Time Zone..." then tick the "Show Additional Time Zone" box and pick the time zone.  I also add labels so I remember which is which.)

The cool thing with the feature Hank mentions, is for putting airline flights on you calendar.  Flying home from somewhere like Grand Rapids, MI, I can leave at 3:15 local time, and arrive at 3:00 local time.  Scheduling this is super easy now.  Just enter the start and end times in local times, including time zones.