Using a Samsung i600 as a modem with a Pocket PC

So I've been spending my free time hacking around my new Windows Powered Smartphone, a Samsung SCH-i600 from Verizon Wireless.  I have to say I am slightly impressed, but after using a Windows Mobile 2003 device for 9 months, the Smartphone 2002 OS definitely is lacking some polish. I've been told by some “in the know“ that the Smartphone 2003 upgrade for this particular phone is a major improvement. Rumors on the various sites seem to point to this update being released “soon“. Then again, back in 2001 I was telling folks that Smartphone would be releasing “soon“ so I'm not holding my breath on getting my handset updated.

This is the first cell phone I've had that can act as a IR modem, which is handy in a pinch.  Plus, this phone will act as a 1XRTT modem, so speeds aren't too shabby.   I have done any tests yet, but I got speeds around 70k downstream and 40k upstream via a USB cable to my Sprint PCS Vision phone (everyone seems to have the need to brand they high speed data SprintPCS's 1XRTT network is “Vision“, VZW's is the “Express Network“).

I found the following forum post (scroll down a bit, the first post is for using a USB cable) on how to set-up the i600 to act as a modem with a Windows 2000 system, and the directions got my up and running on XP.  But I wondered if I could get my iPaq h1945 to use it.  Sort of redundant since both the phone and the Pocket PC sync from the same place.  I guess I can imagine some times where it would be nice to have a bit more real estate.  I can report it works great, and here are the instructions:

  • On the phone, go to Programs > More > More > Accessories > Modem Link. 
  • Select "IrCOMM" under connection. 

Now switch to the iPaq. 

  • Go to Start Menu > Settings > Connections Tab > Connections. 
  • Select "Add a new modem connection" which starts the "Make New Connection" wizard. 
  • On the first screen, give the connection a name (like "VZW via IR") and select "Generica IrDA" as the modem, tap Next. 
  • Enter #777 for the number to dial, tap Next. 
  • For the user name use (where yourPhoneNumber is your 10 digit number with no symbols).  For the password, use "vzw" (all lower case), leave Domain blank and tap "Finish".

You should now be at the list of all your dial up settings, now it's time to test it.  Back on the phone at the Modem Link screen, hit the right soft-key and pick "Activate" from the menu.  On the Pocket PC, tap and hold the connection you just created and select "Connect" which should start the whole process.  After a few seconds, the "Connecting" balloon on the Pocket PC should disappear and you should be good-to-go.  Launch IE and hit a non-local page to try it out.

As far as issues, I did fat-finger the username and password when setting up the Pocket PC connectoid, so that would be my first suggestion for trouble shooting.  Again this was using a Samsung i600 and a iPaq h1945 - YMMV.

One thing I've found sorely lacking in my travels is some good FAQ's on the i600.  There is plenty of good information out there on a handful of different message boards, but nothing very consolidated.  Once I get into the groove with this device, I'll have to pull some of it together in one place.

Update: Somehow my original link to the forum got wiped off.