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The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information that will help you during debugging sessions. The debugging toolbox I provide is a collection of Windbg scripts I created to help me on a daily basis. The collection expands whenever I develop a script to replace manual debugging.

The Windbg programming language looks like Perl.

To use the scripts you need to download Windbg and setup the public symbols. Actually not all scripts demand symbols, but it’s good to have them for your debugging session.

Most of the scripts should be executed using the following command from Windbg:

$$>< path\scriptname.txt

The default directory I use is MyScripts, located inside the Windbg folder. If you want to use another location or another script file name, just change the source code to reflect the new location and/or file name.

In my machine the scripts are located at:


You can think about the scripts like commands or extensions.


Before running a script you should read the header information in the source code.

Also remove any extra spaces between lines after copying the source code.

If you have problems or find a bug let me know.

If you have ideas you think might be cool for scripting let me know, too. J I’m interested! I just cannot promise I’ll implement all suggestions.

I hope you enjoy my little toys as much as I enjoy creating them! J