Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky's the limit

Aug 7 was my last working day at Microsoft.  I am on vacation now and will officially end my employment at MS on Aug 23.  This means that there won't be any more Visual Studio blogs from me, unless I write one influenced by separation pangs.

It has been an interesting seven years.  Not all of it was good but there have been more positive experiences than otherwise and I consider myself lucky to have gotten the opportunity to have been here.  Meeting my wife here was the clear highlight of my stay.  Meeting Bill Gates was next.  Watching Steve Ballmer dance on Microsoft's 25th anniversary should probably count as the third.

All the best to you all for debugging all your apps, and I hope Visual Studio continues to enable you to do so in a user-friendly and robust manner.  Let us face it, if your coding skills are anything like mine you spend 25% of your time in the editor and 75% in the debugger.  The AppWizard?  Nobody even cares about it unless it generates bad code :)

The title of this blog?  A simple search should explain it.  (Hint: Picard)

The next chapter of my life will be written at the Yale School of Management.