Making WinPE Wait for Network in LTI Deployments

In some environments, network device drivers and/or infrastructure take longer to load than WinPE waits before running the task sequence. This can be due to congested DHCP scopes, link negotiation latency or slow loading network drivers. In these cases, it is necessary to delay the start of the task sequence until a valid IP address is obtained otherwise the task sequence will fail.

In order to do this, you can create a script that will wait for a valid IP address before continuing on with the LiteTouch Wizard. The LiteTouch Wizard is launched using a RunSynchronous command in the Unattend.xml file for WinPE. MDT obtains this file from %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates folder. Here are instructions for doing this with MDT 2008 and an x86 Boot Image (UPDATE : MDT 2010 includes a wait by default) :

1. Navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates and rename the Unattend_PE_x86.xml file to Unattend_PE_x86.old

2. Copy the attached Unattend_PE_x86.xml file to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates .

3. Navigate to your Distribution Share and copy the attached WinPEFiles folder there.

4. Navigate to the WinPEFiles\Windows\System32 edit the file “WaitForIP.bat” replace <SERVERNAME> with the name of your WDS Server.


5. In the Deployment Workbench , navigate to the Deploy Node and right click on the LAB deploy point and choose Properties.

6. In the Windows PE tab under extra directory to add and Browse to the WinPEFiles folder created in step 3. Note: navigate to the WinPEFiles and not any of the sub directories. Click OK to apply the change.


7. In the Deployment Workbench , right click on the LAB Deploy point and choose “Update”

This post was contributed by Aly Shivji a consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.

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