Onetastic adds Macros for OneNote

Those of you following the blog may remember Omer's Onetastic add-in that added many new features to OneNote - if you haven't seen this already, check out our previous post on it.  Omer has now added support for macros, which are a really cool way to automate tasks within OneNote. For instance, you can create a macro which removes all hyperlinks within your notebook, or one that can remove all images above a certain size.  Onetastic also ships with several macros like: 

  • Clean Author Info
  • Clean hyperlinks
  • Increase / Decrease Font Size
  • Search & Replace
  • Search & Highlight
  • Resize Images
  • Select Images
  • Auto-Fill
  • Function 


Onetastic comes with an editor that lets you create your own macros:  


Once you've created macros, you can import/export them as XML to share them with other Onetastic users:


 There's even a tutorial to help you get started! Let us know what you think about Onetastic macros in the comments below.