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This post was authored by Nicole Steinbok, Senior PM on OneNote

I love using OneNote to keep track of stuff that I need to do and have it available on my laptop, iPad, Windows Phone and PCs at work. What I love even more is using OneNote to add to the list of things I want my husband to do in our shared home notebook.

 In Office 2013 we have simplified the sharing experience for OneNote: you can share directly from OneNote 2013, to any email address, your friend doesn't need to sign-in to view it and they don't even need to install OneNote to edit it. You can also get a Sharing Link and share anyway you want to: email, blog, your favorite social network, etc.

 Bonus: this also all works for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio.


Sharing a Notebook

 I will pretend I don't have a notebook shared with my husband and show you how easy it is.

1.Create the notebook on SkyDrive

File -> New -> Enter a notebook name -> Click Create notebook button


2. Share the notebook

File -> Share -> enter an email address

Optional: add a message

Click Share button, SkyDrive will then send a sharing notification email to my husband



Now I will pretend I am my husband…. (good thing I am typing this and I don't have to lower my voice ;)


1. Receive a Sharing notification email, click on the notebook link


2. See the notebook


3. Get to work on that to do list!

 And that is all you need to know to share a notebook. I have included a FAQ  but if you have more questions or feedback please post them below.



I have written all my recipes in a notebook and want to share it with all my Facebook friends, how do I do that?

Easy as pie!

  1. File ->Share -> Get a Link -> Select the type of Sharing Link you want and click the Create Link button.
  2. Right click on the link and Copy it
  3. Go to Facebook and paste it, post it
  4. Watch the likes come in :)


I have a local notebook, that I would like to get on SkyDrive, how can I do that?

  1. File -> Share
  2. Select a folder for the notebook
  3. Give it a name
  4. Click Move


Yikes! I shared a notebook with someone and now I don't want them to have access, what do I do?

  1. File -> Share
  2. Right click on the person (or Sharing Link), Remove User

Note: You know that thing that wipes people's mind in Men in Black? Yeah well we don't have one of those. If the person has opened the notebook we don't close it on them but they will not see any new updates and will not be able to edit your notebook.



I have another question. How can I ask it?
Please post it in the comments below. 

Nicole Steinbok,
Sr. Program Manager on OneNote