Windows Home Server & OneNote

As some of you might know Windows Home Server (WHS) is a new product released from Microsoft that allows you to have a server at home.  WHS does a variety of things like backup all of your computers and makes sure you have your files on all of your machines and integrates with many other apps.  It is really cool and of course some people out there are interested in storing their notebooks up on WHS and they have been asking to see if this is possible.

This is possible and you can store your files on your machine so it would be on a remote share in your house.  Something like \\whs\NotebookShare and then you can open that in OneNote on all of your computers in your house and you will have a nice little shared notebook.

As of mid-December we have been getting a few reports that there is a problem where WHS will corrupt OneNote files.  I first heard about this from some blog comments:

Almost exact same scenario for me - WHS (release version), OneNote 2007 notebooks stored on share on WHS (duplication is turned on for this folder), offline folder on client. The only difference I have is I'm running an XP client. In my initial research, some folks are saying this is a WHS problem related to folder duplication. I'll be testing to see if this fixes the corruption problems that I'm seeing.  

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We're also getting corrupted pages and sync erros on a Onenote notebook stored on Windows Home Server (release version), accessed by both Vista and XP machines. Very annoying.

It has been in a duplicated folder, so I'll turn off duplication and see if it fixes things. It isn't backed up then, though...

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Additionally some people have reported this on WHS Forum: WHS causes OneNote to corrupt data.

I know we are aware of the issue and we have been talking with WHS team to bring this to their attention.  As soon as there is a solution we will blog about it and let you all know.