An insight @ Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

IE10 – Platform Preview? IE10 Platform Preview is released periodically to give web developers, designers, and enthusiasts an advanced look at what’s to come in the next major release of Internet Explorer.

Want to try IE 10 Platform Preview? If you want to download and try Internet Explorer Platform Preview, then I would suggest you to give a try @ the Internet Explorer Test Drive site. Please note that it is not intended to be your daily browser, and in fact will not replace the version of Internet Explorer you have installed on your computer. The binaries that ship in the Platform Preview Build package do not replace system binaries; instead, they are placed in an iepreview.exe.local folder under the Internet Explorer Platform Preview path.


IE 10 – Platform preview for Developers guide: This guide provides an early look at the developer features coming to the next version of Internet Explorer. By using the documentation and samples in this guide, web developers and designers can prepare to use these new features.With this, you can obtain detailed technical information about developer features before this information is published to the Internet Explorer Developer Center and to the MSDN Library. In addition to reading the guide, be sure to see the Release Notes for installation information and known issues, as well as the Internet Explorer Test Drive site for new demos and examples.

  • IE 10 Platform Preview: CSS: Internet Explorer Platform Preview adds support for several new Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) features. This trend began with Internet Explorer 8 (full compliance with the CSS2.1 standard) and continued with Internet Explorer 9 (support for CSS rounded corners, multiple background images, new color models and opacity, CSS3 Fonts and WOFF, 2D Transforms, Media Queries, CSS3 Namespaces, and more). For more info, please visit@
  • IE 10 Platform Preview: DOM: Internet Explorer Platform Preview contains several new features related to styling in the Document Object Model (DOM). Specifically, support has been added for several components of the CSS Object Model (CSSOM), which is currently a W3C Editor’s Draft. For more info, please visit @
  • IE 10 Platform Preview: ECMAScript 5: Internet Explorer Platform Preview introduces support for ECMAScript 5 (ES5) strict mode, as specified in the ECMAScript Language Specification, 5th edition. Strict mode is intended to improve error checking and to identify script that might not be resilient to future versions of JavaScript. ES5 strict mode is a more restrictive variant of JavaScript that has different semantics and stricter parsing from what is considered normal JavaScript. For more info, please visit
  • IE 10 Platform Preview: HTML5: As you know support for several features defined in the HTML5 Working Draft specification began with Internet Explorer 8 and was extended in Internet Explorer 9. IE10 Platform Preview supports even more of this emerging standard with support for the new features like Asynchronous Script Execution, Drag and drop, File API, Forms validation etc. For more info, please visit
  • IE 10 Platform Preview: Web Performance: IE 10 adds support for web performance as defined in the W3C Web Performance Working Group specification. Three new web platform features are now available in IE10 Platform Preview: The requestAnimationFrame method, Page Visibility API , setImmediate method. These three platform APIs enable developers to make browsers use computer hardware more efficiently, improving both performance and power management of websites. These new API’s have been designed in collaboration with other browser manufactures through the W3C Web Performance Working Group. The next version of Internet Explorer is anticipated to be the first browser to implement all three APIs. For more info, please visit

If you need further information, you can look on the following resources: Download | User Guide | Release Notes | Developer Guide | Blog.