IoT : How to build .NET Core to build applications for IoT?

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Do you know that .NET core to build applications for IoT?

  • .NET Core can be used to build applications for IoT devices and scenarios.

  • IoT applications typically interact with sensors, displays and input devices that require the use of GPIO pins, serial ports or similar hardware. The Raspberry Pi is commonly used for IoT applications.

You need to use at least .NET Core 2.1. .NET Core 3.0 is required for ARM64 devices. Many of these samples use the Raspberry Pi, however, .NET Core can be used for other devices. A Raspberry Pi Starter Pack contains enough electronics to get started on many projects.

.NET Core is supported on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is recommended, based on the faster CPU. .NET Core is not supported on Raspberry Pi Zero or any of the Raspberry Pi model A devices. .NET Core does is not supported on ARMv6 chips, only ARMv7 and ARMv8. It is not supported on Arduino.

The following samples demonstrate various scenarios: