Calculating file size, free space of any given .PST file with MrMAPI utility

Earlier in my blog, i got the request from one of the MAPI developer to see is there any way we can calculate the file size, free space of any given .PST file. Also he pointed that he can access the PST file using Stephen’s MFCMAPI utility.

MFCMAPI Snapshot

For this activity, I used Stephen’s another tool called,  “MrMAPI” a command line utility. The best part of the tool is that MrMAPI exposes MFCMAPI’s best features (which I love a lot) from the command line and its pretty easy to use. You can download it from:

So I used MrMAPI and I can get the file size, free space of the given .PST file (we achieved this, even without writing a single line of code for it Smile ).

MrMAPI Snapshot

Hope this helps.