General: Training materials for Outlook 2010

Please find the list of training materials for Outlook 2010….
Make the switch to Outlook 2010
Training Switch from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010. This course explains how to do familiar tasks, such as send e-mail messages and use the calendar.
Tame your Inbox: Organize messages by conversation
Training Ever wish you had a smarter, handier way to arrange your Outlook Inbox? Now, learn how Date (Conversations) can simplify and clarify your view.
Getting started with Outlook 2010
Article Whether you used an earlier version of Outlook or have never used Outlook before, explore these resources to begin learning Outlook 2010.
Download Office 2010 training
Article Get free, downloadable versions of many Office 2010 training courses. They’re in PowerPoint 2010 format, so you can customize them for group training
Get familiar with the Outlook Calendar
Training Learn how to use the Outlook 2010 calendar to create appointments and meetings, set recurrence, tasks and reminders, and create all-day events
Use e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010
Training In this course, learn to add and format e-mail signatures, and to use an image of your handwritten signature or other pictures.
Use electronic business cards in Outlook 2010
Training Learn how to create electronic business cards. This course shows you how to edit and format them, and use downloadable card templates.
Outlook and RSS: The internet in your mailbox
Training Learn how to subscribe to RSS Feeds and view those Feeds in Outlook 2010.
Send Automatic Replies when you're away
Training Learn how to send out-of-office replies to people who send email messages to your Outlook 2010 Exchange Server account, and how to create rules.
Manage your mail and more with conditional formatting
Training Overview Help manage your Inbox, calendar , and to-do list b y using conditional formatting.
Save time with templates in Outlook
Training Learn how to use templates with email, calendar items, tasks, and contacts in Outlook 2010. Templates can save you a lot of time and help reduce errors.
Mailbox management 1: Use views to stay organized
Training Overview Learn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox by setting and changing views, settings that control how Outlook displays your data.
Mailbox management 2: Instant Search and Search Folders
Training Learn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox with Instant Search and Search Folders.
Mailbox management 3: File your stuff in folders
Training Create folders in an Outlook mailbox, and in an Outlook data file. You'll also learn how to move items into and out of folders, and manage folders.
Outlook Best Practices: How Harry got organized
Training Learn with Harry as his mentor shows how to use Outlook to increase productivity with email and time management best practices.
Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts I: Email
Training Learn Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts for your email inbox. Learn CTRL key shortcuts that let you move messages, create new email messages, search email.
Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts II: Calendar, contacts, tasks
Training Learn Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts for your calendar. This course will help you create meetings, open the address book and move around the calendar.

Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts III: Alt key shortcuts
Training Learn how to use ALT key shortcuts that let you access almost any command in Outlook 2010. These keyboard shortcuts are also called access keys.