Video: Understand your Productivity, analytics with Microsoft Office 365 MyAnalytics Outlook add-in

Microsoft Office 365 MyAnalytics Outlook add-in is part of MyAnalytics. MyAnalytics helps you understand how you communicate and spend your time at work. 

Now with Microsoft Office 365 MyAnalytics add-in enables executives, managers and workers to focus on what matters most with time and network insights derived from Office 365. Understand time by category, collaboration and meeting habits using the MyAnalytics personal dashboard. Get insights into email reach and impact with this Outlook add-in.

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It provides insight into two of the most important factors in personal productivity: (1) how you spend your time (2) who you spend it with.

So you can find the,

  • Details about time spent in meetings, email, focus hours, and after hours let you know exactly where your time is going.
  • Top collaborators and Losing touch provide information about how you collaborate, including read rates, response times, and overall collaboration time.
  • MyAnalytics personal dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your time and collaboration.
  • And with the add-in for Outlook, you get email reach and impact insights right in your inbox.

Let we quickly check out the video:

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