Visual Studio 2010 & New C++ and MFC features

I want to share some important new features of new Visual Studio 2010 for C++ development - Visual Studio 2010 presents huge benefits for C++ developers. From the ability to employ the new features offered by Windows 7 to the enhanced productivity features for working with large code bases, there is something new and improved for just about every C++ developer.

Figure 10 MFC Class Wizard

Specifically, Visual Studio 2010 enables a more modern programming model by adding core language features from the upcoming C++0x standard, and by overhauling the standard library to take advantage of the new language features. There are new parallel programming libraries and tools to simplify the creation of parallel programs. You’ll also find enhanced overall performance and developer productivity thanks to IntelliSense and code-understanding features that scale to large code bases. And you’ll benefit from the improved  performance of libraries and other features across design time, build time, compile time and link time.

Visual Studio 2010 migrates the build system to MSBuild to make it more customizable and to support native multi-targeting. And enhancements in the MFC library harness the power of new Windows 7 APIs, enabling you to write great Windows 7 applications.

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