Windows Mobile : WM 6.1 SMTP fix released

While i was reading articles related to our messaging arena and with regards to Windows Mobile they released SMTP fix for Windows Mobile 6.1. Per them, as some of you have noticed, a bug recently appeared on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices that prevented certain users from being able to send e-mail. It happened to investigate the cause, create a fix, and finally test it across the various flavors of Windows Mobile 6.1 out there, the fix is available: download it now!

WM team noticed some confusion around the feature that caused the bug, so here’s a quick description of it: This feature allows operators to specify an alternate server that can be used only when your device has a problem accessing your mail account’s SMTP directly. When can this happen? Some mail services, like those provided by ISPs, only allow access to their SMTP servers when you are directly on their network.  With this feature, it’s supposed to be easier for end users to send mail on a Windows Mobile device.