Are you wondering how to get more points and awards? Let us show you how!

MSDN Translation Wiki Points

We’re sure you already know that you can earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals for the community content contributions you make through MSDN Translation Wiki. But did you ever think, “I want more, and I want it now!”, and just weren’t quite clear on the best way to go about it? It’s pretty easy, since the more approved translations you submit, the more points you earn. But our moderators pay close attention, so if you just post a bunch of links to your latest vacation photos, you’re going to end up losing points. Here’s how it works:

You contributed a proposed translation to the library or magazine.


Your proposed translation has been approved for use.


Your proposed translation has been reported as spam.


Your proposed translation was selected as not best.


Your proposed translation was reported as bad.


A moderator approved, modified or rejected a translation.


You can also earn points by participating in a bunch of other activities, such as galleries, forum, blogs, etc. You can always see the total number of points you’ve earned on your MSDN profile.

To learn some more details about all of this, and also find out just what the difference is between Recognition Points and Achievement Medals, check out the MSDN, TechNet and Expression Profile – FAQ. And if you aren’t already a Translation Wiki contributor, visit the Community Translate Page and sign in with your MSDN Profile to get started!