Featured partner of the week - University of Verona


Università di Verona, MSDN Translation Wiki, Italian, Visual Studio


We take great pleasure in presenting our Italian MSDN Visual Studio 2012 Developer Content localization partner! The University of Verona is one of the largest universities in Italy with more than 20,000 students per year and a computer science department ranking first in the country. It was no wonder that we enjoyed both top-notch project management and outstanding translation quality from faculty and students.


 Professor Graziano Pravadelli described the project as follows:

The experience was really positive from several points of view. In my opinion, the most important one was that students were required to translate, in a clear way, technical concepts they are used to apply from the practical point of view in software code, but they are not used to express in natural language, neither orally nor in written form. Good programmers must be able to document their work and to effectively present it, and this project really helped students to make an effort in such a direction. They had also the possibility of improving their understanding of written English, their capability of working in group and respecting deadline, and their knowledge of Visual Studio.”


 In addition to the efforts of Professor Pravadelli and Professor Nicola Bombieri, we appreciate the contributions of the following students:


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