“What does the MVP say?” – Introducing Alessandro Alpi

As the next feature in our MVP interview series, please meet Alessandro Alpi!

MSDN Translation Wiki, Italian MVP, Alessandro Alpi
Alessandro has been participating in MSDN Translation Wiki since March 2013. Following are his responses to our prodding questions:

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?

“I worked in IT as a developer from 2000 to 2005 and as a DBA/DBDeveloper/.NET Developer since 2005. I‘m currently working as a C# developer and software architect, following also the ALM processes of our development team. I work also on Windows Azure environments. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer and a SQL Server MVP since 2008. “

Why did you decide to become a moderator for Italian and spend your free time on this activity?

“Oh, this is simple. First of all, I like to help when possible. Second, I love the Italian language. Last but not least, I think that a well-written documentation can be simpler to understand for every developer trying to solve its daily problems. Additionally, good translations can be considered more reliable, if they are correct and, let’s say, „professionally-localized“, bringing more trust from developers, and leading to a better usage of the tools, without any big problems. Finally, the localized version is friendly and this is very important in IT, a world in which things change quickly and everything may scare. “

Can you explain what you find most rewarding/interesting about this experience?

“It’s difficult to explain actually. It is interesting to me, as I said before, because I really like the Italian language (high level of complexity, words, and so on). I find very rewarding the possibility to be useful, and to share my knowledge with other community members. Every time I was on translation, I thought that someone else could get something helpful out of my contribution. Additionally, there are other guys who helped me in the past and continue to help me still now. Thanks to them and to their huge work, moderation is simpler. Like in many cases (maybe all cases) cooperation is fundamental. How can you learn/grow/improve, without cooperating and sharing? “

Thank you, Alessandro, for channeling your passion for technology and the Italian language to the benefit of our Italian speaking MSDN community!

You can learn more about Alessandro via the following links:

Check back next week to see who our our next featured MVP will be!