Questions on Cortana? We Have Answers

The Cortana announcement at //Build/ has gotten developer imaginations running wild with ideas for incorporating the Bing-powered personality into new or existing apps. To make sure you have everything you need to start building a great experience with as little friction as possible, we asked the community to submit questions via the #CortanaQA hashtag on Twitter and had Jeremy Foster (@codefoster) serve them up to Rob Chambers (@spacetimeglitch), the GPM for the Cortana API. 

In this video, Jeremy Foster (@codefoster) picks Rob's brain to find out what developers need to know for getting started with Cortana, what differentiates her from her peers, and how to approach your next Cortana project to get the best result possible.

What you can do next:

  • Download the Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 SDK
  • Are you already tinkering with Cortana, or working on a project that uses Microsoft technology? Share your screenshots, videos, and photos of your progress on Twitter using the #iDevThis hashtag for a chance to get featured on our next Ch9 episode!
  • Have more questions about Cortana? Share them using the #CortanaQA hashtag on Twitter for more answers from Rob and Jeremy
  • Want to get your story out there? Check out the "Every dev has a story" offer.

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