This Week in the StartupLife Series

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This week we shared out episodes 3 & 4 of our #StartupLife series. Whether it's asking everyone you know for funding or trying to stay sane with your 24/7 schedule, we're sure you can relate in some way to these start-up stories.

Episode 3: "Ebb and Flow of Productivity"


When you work around the clock to get your start-up going, you may find you get a little loopy in your downtime. This episode was inspired by @Anil_Merchant:

Episode 4: "Just Hear Me Out"


As a start-up, the question isn't "Who have I asked? but "Who haven't I asked" when it comes to funding. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, distant cousins, no one is safe from a quick pitch. This post was inspired by @UrsTruelySashi:

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