What Does Twitter Say About Startup Life?

Whether you quit your day job to run your start-up full time, spend your nights and weekends bringing an idea to life, or you're just working at a promising start-up, the start-up lifestyle is unique and can be as tough as it is rewarding. We want to help.

To connect start-up entrepreneurs and employees to the only people that understand the challenges of living the dream (other start-ups), we’re working with BizSpark to share a series of Twitter-inspired Vine videos that depict the real start-up story as told by start-ups themselves. That means that for the next several weeks we'll be listening to the #StartupLife hashtag on Twitter and showcasing some re-occurring themes that we can all take some solace in knowing we're not the only ones experiencing some growing pains. 

Real Start-ups Run on Ramen.

To kick things off, we're excited to share the first clip in our series (see above) which was inspired by tweets from @randfish and @KuraFire. They remind us that change isn't the only constant you can count on when you’re involved in a start-up; you can count on Ramen to be a staple of your diet too. 

Do you have some insight into the start-up lifestyle? Share your anecdotes, stories, and ideas using the #StartupLife hashtag on Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next Vine video. Want to scale your startup? Connect with us on Twitter @BizSpark for resources and tips on growing your business. The start-up lifestyle can be tough, BizSpark is there to make it a little easier.