All about the Dexterity OLE Container

David MeegoOver the years, the question of how to interact with the Microsoft Dynamics GP OLE Notes from outside the application has been raised many times.

I have responded to newsgroup posts with information that would hopefully lead the developers in the right direction.

Well now, all I need to do point them to Mariano Gomez's post on the subject.  He has posted the first of a two part series on the OLE Container and how to work with it.

This first post covers an introduction to the history and technology involved as well as how the path to the actual file is created. See the link below for the article:

Stay tuned for his next post, where he will provide the code to open the container and work with its contents.

For other posts on the topic of Notes and OLE Attachments see the following posts:

Understanding Notes and the Note Index field 

OLE Attachments and Record Notes

Copying Record Notes and OLE Attachments between Companies

Fixing missing Note Index values

Hope you find this information useful.


02-Feb-2010: Added links to related posts.

05-Feb-2010: Added link to post on Fixing missing Note Index values.

28-Feb-2012: Added link to Mariano's follow up article.