eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll Exception

David MeegoI have been seeing a number of reports on Newsgroups and Support cases of Add-In Initialization Errors.

In particular, after installing updates or service packs after v10.00 SP2, receiving the following message:

eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. InnerException: The type initializer for 'eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.GPAddIn' threw an exception.

The error message is shown after launching the application and before the login window is displayed. It looks like the screenshot below: 

Add-In Initialization Error 

The cause of errors of this type is when a Visual Studio Tools add-in assembly dll is looking for a Dexterity dictionary which is no longer included in the current workstation's Dynamics.set launch file.

In this case, you can generate the error if you remove SmartList Builder (Product ID 3830) from the Dynamics.set without removing the eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll file from the Addins folder.

To fix the issue, you can perform either of the following options:

  • Add SmartList Builder back into the Dynamics.set launch file.
  • Delete or move the eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll file from the Addins subfolder under the Microsoft Dynamics Application folder. (Default location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Addins).

The problem with this add-in would not have been seen prior to v10.00 Service Pack 2 as the Excel Builder functionality was added as part of the Feature Pack included with Service Pack 2.

At the bottom of the following Knowledge Base (KB) article is a similar situation relating to the Report Scheduler (Product ID 3278):

How to disable third-party products in the Dynamics.set file in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 872087) Secure Link

I hope you find this helpful information. Thanks to Robert Cavill for bringing this issue to my attention.

More information can be found in the following KB Article:

Error message when you try to start Microsoft Dynamics GP: "eOne.Dynamics.GP.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" (KB 963087) Secure Link


10-Feb-2009: Added link to KB 963087.