How to Set the Tab Sequence

David MeegoThe following article describes the methods for setting up the tab sequence for fields in a window using Dexterity or Modifier.  It also provides methods for handling overlaid fields such as radio buttons.

Before we start setting the tab sequence we need to do a little preparation first:

  • For any field that is non editable, or should not be part of the tab sequence; change the field's Object Property TabStop to False.
    Note: Normally only actual data entry fields, Toolbar Buttons and additional navigation buttons are included in the tab sequence.  Lookup buttons, Browse buttons, Sort By drop down lists, Window and Record Note buttons, window print and window help buttons are not included in the tab sequence.
  • Decide on the required tab sequence.  The first field in the sequence should be the first data entry field in the window (which is normally the primary key or ID field).  Then all of the data entry fields should follow, moving down each column until there is a logical break and then right to the next column of fields, then back to the left side and so on.
  • For overlaid fields such as Radio Groups and Radio Buttons, move the Radio Buttons so that at least part (if not all) of the field is outside the boundary of the Radio Group.  After setting the tab sequence, the fields can be returned to their correct location.
    Note: For Radio Buttons to work correctly, the tab sequence must go first to the Radio Group and then to the Radio Buttons in the sequence you wish them to be valued, starting from 0.  It is very important not to change the tab sequence of individual Radio Buttons in a Radio Group once data has been stored as it will change the meaning of the stored data.
  • If there is an editable or adds allowed scrolling window, you can select its position in the tab sequence as though it is a field.  However, you must remember to open the scrolling window and set the tab sequence for the fields inside the scrolling window.

From the Dexterity or Modifier window layout screen, please follow the steps below to set the tab sequence for a window:

  1. From the menus, click Layout, click Set Tab Sequence.  The first field in the tab sequence will be highlighted.
  2. If this is not the correct field, double click on the correct field.
  3. Please Tab to move to the next field in the tab sequence.
  4. If this is not the correct field, double click on the correct field.
  5. Continue Steps 3 and 4 until the tab sequence returns to the first field.
  6. You can use Tab and Shift-Tab to move forwards and backwards through the tab sequence to check it.
  7. When completed, from the menus, click Layout, click Set Tab Sequence.

If you wish to test the tab sequence, from the menus click Layout and then click Preview or press Ctrl-5.  Close the preview window when you have finished. The preview window does not run any scripts, but is a good way to double check the tab sequence.

It is important to note that if you do not press tab as you set the tab sequence and just double click on the fields, you will end up creating a tab sequence which is the exact reverse of what is desired.

For more information consult the Dexterity or Modifier & VBA manuals and training materials.

This information is now available in the following Knowledge Base (KB) Article:

How to set the tab sequence in Dexterity or in Modifier in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 961565) Secure Link


10-Feb-2009: Added link to KB 961565.