Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP: Windows 8 Vision and 64-bit Hyper-V images

David Meego - Click for blog homepageOver at the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, Jay Manley has been busy posting some great articles. I just wanted to point out a couple of technical articles.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" - Our Windows 8 Vision
    With the recent release of videos and information about the upcoming Windows 8, questions have been asked about how the Microsoft Dynamics GP "12" Web client (built using Silverlight) will work with Windows 8 and its Silverlight interface. This post explains what the product team's plans are.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP soon to offer 64-bit Hyper-V images only
    Moving forward more and more of the technology, systems and applications relating to Microsoft Dynamics GP are becoming 64-bit applications.  To allow the demonstration toolkit virtual image to leverage this 64-bit software we need to have a 64-bit image. So from now on the demo images will be 64-bit Hyper-V images. Have a read of the post for more details and the hardware requirements to run the image.


Thanks Jay for the updates.