Modifier & VBA Articles & Links

This is a page to provide links to Modifier & VBA related articles and materials. Note that articles which mention specific versions are often valid for other versions as well.

Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

How to add a hidden field by using Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 951230) Secure Link

Error message when you expand a scrolling window by using VBA in Microsoft Dynamics GP: "Run-time error '1008': Unsafe Operation" (KB 951231) Secure Link

How to use ActiveX Data Object (ADO) with VBA on a window with Microsoft Dynamics GP and with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 (KB 942327) Secure Link

How to use an ActiveX Data Object (ADO) with VBA on a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 954619) Secure Link

Information about the new connection objects in VBA that replace the RetrieveGlobals.dll and RetrieveGlobals9.dll files in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (KB 936115) Secure Link

Error message when you run the UserInfoGet.CreateADOConnection VBA function in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0: "Login failed for user '[User Name]'" (KB 941457) Secure Link

Formats Not Exported to .Package Files (KB 851092) Secure Link

A user who is not an administrator experiences VBA permission problems in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 929612) Secure Link

Error "VBA Cannot be initialized. Cannot Import this package because it contains VBA components." when importing a package file in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 861062) Secure Link

Type mismatch error comparing currency fields in VBA (KB 843656) Secure Link


Training Materials

Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Secure Link

Direct download of archive file

Note: The training materials are for version 9.0. Don't worry, this is the latest version and everything is still valid for later versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dexterity.


26-Apr-2011: Added direct link to training materials.