Product Suggestion: IntelliSense implementation for Microsoft Dexterity

David Meego - Click for blog homepageMariano Gomez (The Dynamics GP Blogster) has decided to highlight something the Dexterity Development community has dreamt about for years. 

Ever since colour coding and auto scrolling* was added to the Dexterity Script Editor, the idea of support for IntelliSense has been on the wish list. The problem is that we have no idea when or even if the wish fairy was going to visit.

So, the best way to get a feature added into any Microsoft Product is to log the idea in MS Connect and promote it so that it gets lots of votes.

Please have a read of Mariano's articles and then make sure you click on the MS Connect link so you can vote for this great suggestion.

Let's hope the wish fairy listens. 


* It was possible to type in the editor until your cursor went off the edge of the screen.  Then you would have to manually use the scroll bars on the window to re-position the window so you could actually "see" what you were typing.  Those were the days. :-)

Ref: MS Connect Suggestion ID: 570553.

02-Aug-2010: The wish fairy did listen, but it was not from Microsoft.  See the post IntelliSense for Dexterity - Ask and you shall receive for more information.