Revisiting: Translating Dynamics GP

David Meego - Click for blog homepageTime for revisiting another article, in fact an entire series of articles.

In February last year, I published a series of posts about Translating Dexterity Applications and showed how Dexterity has features specifically to allow it to be translated.  We also discussed Dexterity and Double Byte Languages and how Dexterity was never designed to work with double byte or unicode characters.

Well, recently Ben Corwin from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management & Marketing Team pointed out a very cool product to me which allows the Microsoft Dynamics GP User Interface (UI) to be translated to any language including double byte languages.

Yes, let me repeat.... Microsoft Dynamics GP in any language including double byte languages.

The product is called Multilingual GP and works by wrapping around the Microsoft Dynamics GP application and translating the strings and text on the UI (including data) before they are displayed.  The result is that all the windows and reports can be displayed in any language you desire.  The product can learn the translations for different text which means that customisations and add-on products can be added without difficulties.

Multilingual GP already has translation data for English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean and is soon adding Arabic.  One of the really great features is that can change language at any time and also run with multiple languages at the same time.  For example: you can print an invoice or purchase order in English, then click a button and print it in Chinese, then click again and print it in German.

Multilingual GP is available for Microsoft Dynamics GP v10.0 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

If you are interested in seeing more, please visit and mention that you heard about the product from this blog. I am sure Mark Forbush from Paragon Software Solutions (the partner behind the product) would be pleased to hear from you.


19-Apr-2010: You might also like to have a look at the Multilingual GP You Tube channel to watch some demonstration videos.