Angry Birds on IE9


I was asked recently where "angry birds for ie9" was. My answer was Angry Birds is already there, kind of, for IE9.   Actually its there for HTML5 browsers.  Angry Birds was released as a HTML5/Flash app targeted for Chrome at recently.

Accordingly, ChromeBirds works pretty good on IE9 too. Simply point your IE9 browser to and you'll have Angry Birds up and going in IE9.

Why Blog this? Truthfully I was asked if there was angrybirds for IE9. I'm using this article this as a ref to email them.

I also think this shows some of the power of x-plat HTML5. I've started using it as one of the demos in my IE9 talks as well. Fun app, good stuff. Expect to see corporate firewalls blocking soon. But just tell the network police you're doing x-browser, html5 research.