November Connect(); Event Downloads Now Online

On November 12-13 Microsoft held a virtual event called Connect(); Topics were geared towards Visual Studio vNext and Azure. If you would like to view it over forty sessions are available online at  .

During the sessions a fully integrated cross platform demo was shown. I'm happy to announce the assets (aka code) for those demos are now available. Head over to  and pull down the package of files for some fun.

In addition to the source code, there is also a series of deep dive blog posts available. Four posts are online breaking out how to install and setup the resources you need. One more is forthcoming, stay tuned. Read before you implement. For your convenience the blog posts are listed below:

Technologies used included but probably weren't limited to :
ASP.NET 5 MVC, SPA, Angular.js, jQuery, bootstrap, ASP.NET Web API, VS 2015 Tooling (Bower, NPM, Grunt), Services, Azure, middleware and LOB integration, ASP.NET 5 Web API services (Web API in codename “Project K”), ASP.NET 5 SignalR, Azure Web Sites, Azure Mobile Service (Web API), Azure Web Job, zure Push Notifications Hub, ,Entity Framework 7, Connected Services: O365 API and SalesForce API, Universal Windows apps in C# (Windows Phone app and Windows Store app), Xamarin C# apps (iOS app and Android app), Cordova HTML/JS Hybrid app (for Android, iOS and Windows Phone)