SAMS Windows Phone Dev in 24 Hours - Thanks ya'll

book pic

The Windows Phone programming book a bunch of us Florida folks started on a while ago finally released. Sams Teach Yourself Windows Phone 7 Application Development in 24 Hours shipped this month. Its nice to have my name on a book cover, you know? Also made mom and dad happy. But they still don't understand programming. In addition to thanking my fellow authors ( Dorman, Wolf, Polyakov ) and our editors (Neil/Betsy), I had a few other folks that really helped me out.  Not just on the book but over my life. I tried to let the dedication speak for itself.


Ryan and Morgan - fishing isn't really my life, these two are
coding moods - heads down, leave me alone, grrrr
][e - yep, my first 'puter was from fruitco. they were so much fun then
AT-Clone - egghead mailorder. I was supposed to pay my folks back circa 1986 or so. woops. hope they never run the accrued interesting. also hope my brother doesn't read this re inheritance.
Microsoft Management - dpe field. awesome. that's all i can say. many great managers over my 11 years. cutter - LJ - college roommate ala 'cutter'. taught me how naughty computers can be without imagery
scumpy - Ken - roommate in college during the 'ibm quarters' - always had something new and cool to play with - he'll be back one day!
foghat - Chuck - highschool programming king who took the time to teach the captain of the football team about peek, poke, and byte
fla-wimo-dev - Florida-only, Windows Phone developer mailing list. I'm surrounded by some of the coolest, brightest, most giving folks in the world. Ya'll rock. Thanks...

Linked to the book and other Getting Started on Windows Phone resources are located at if you'd like to learn more about programming Windows Phone.