Codedammit Windows Phone apps!

The Codedammit Windows Phone hackathon and contest took place on March 29th and 30th at Microsoft Hellas premises. Developers from all over Greece created 32 apps in 2 days and presented them to the judging committee, that determined the 9 best of them. Here you can find a full list (including screenshots and descriptions) of the apps created! List order was determined by the order apps were submitted into the competition, scroll down for the winners! So, here we go:

History Portal
History Portal is an app that takes you through the greatest civilizations that have left their mark in the history of mankind via detailed info, enjoyable quizzes and interesting games, which give you a complete history experience through your Windows Phone device. You can also share with your friends quotes from great historical personalities via the Quotes section.

I used to be a cannon
“I used to be a cannon” is a fast artillery game. To defeat your enemy you must take advantage of the wind and the dynamic levels. It includes a single player mode and a hot seat two player mode.

crisis calculator


Runner Metrics
The "Runner Metrics" WP app, allows the user that exercises through running, to track his previous courses and have access to them, via the Maps of the device. Also he will be able to store various useful information such as the total distance in meters, the average speed etc.

Film Closet
This is a movie library where you can find information about films of your choice in an easy, quick and effective way. It also provides you with information about movies now playing in movie theaters, upcoming ones and top rated movies . You can also make your own favorite list with movies.

To kokoraki

Parking Buddy
Parking Buddy is an application aiming on helping the user to memorize fast and easy a chosen parking spot. Whenever the user pleases can locate simply their car without any brain squeezing

PC History - The PC History is an application on the history of personal computers, starting from the early 70's until the early 90's, presenting the most popular computers of the era.

Playtrip is a funny game inspired from classic board games such as monopoly.
The game takes place at the island of Crete where the player through a virtual map can answer questions about the history, the places and the culture of the island. The player moves according to the dice and as he answers questions correctly he gains virtual money. There are a lot of exploration tasks that increase the  player's explorer skills but they have a money cost.
Future versions of the same game will take place at a different place, such as play trip Athens. A great game for tourists who want to visit Greek places. The game has many photos of these places and can be played from the whole family.
Screen Capture (21)Screen Capture (23)Screen Capture (25)

Emergency Calls

Icarus Logbook
A digital skydiving logbook that provides traditional logging functionality with extended digital features. Post, tweet, share jump updates and photos. Find dropzones in your area and get up-to-date contact details and status updates (twitter feed). Track your jump (coordinates, altitude, body position) and debrief with your instructor based on real data. Sign your digital logbook with NFC technology.

Cloud File Manager
Manage your Skydrive files, download them locally or upload them to your account and share them with your friends! 

Jewels Mania
Jewels Mania is a game that will keep you plenty of hours in front of your mobile phone. The aim of the game is to complete lines or columns with 3, 4 or 5 gems of the same color and shape. It will have three different gaming options. The 'Single player', the 'Multiplayer' and the 'Combat' mode where the gamer will be able to compete and play with other users over the Internet.

cocktail therapy

ta provlimata tis polis mou


Maths on the go

Sodoku Magic


Throughout “LittleDoc” you can do surgeries with ease on your patient just by moving stably your finger. Are you stable enough to win?


Cannon the Bird
Your goal is to hit the flying birds which are hiding in the clouds and gain enough points to fight the boss-bird.
Every stage has something new to show.
Faster birds, tougher birds and even more “unexpected” surprises.
Coming soon with updated graphics and control ui.
Cannon the Bird_1Cannon the Bird_2Cannon the Bird_3

A game of hidden treasure with riddles hidden away in various city venues and attractions.
The answers to the riddles award the players with clues leading to the final riddle.

An app for E.O.P.Y.Y for easy and fast searching of the doctor you need.
With one tap find the nearest doctor on map with direction and also you can call him directly from the app

Word Fights
Have fun with your friends trying to find the word in this game. You don’t need an internet connection to play. Find the word with the minimum amount of hints given, so you can receive the most points you can and beat your opponents! (You can choose between Greek and English language.)

Close the Loop - Close The Loop is a puzzle game for those who love smart challenges.
Tap on tiles to form a closed loop, Try bigger loops to maximize score.
Be fast & have fun!

Help me decide!

Tiles Quiz
How well do you know Greek applications on windows phone store ? Find out and learn the best and most useful ones, you are just one tap away!

Voice QR Scanner & Recorder
Voice QR Scanner & Recorder enables you to generate, save a voice message to a QR code. The application is also featuring scanning and playing back an existing voice QR code.


Backgammon Wars
Don’t lose your records! With this windows phone application, you can keep track of your match records against your friends, in 4 different backgammon games ( Plakoto, Asodyo, Portes, Fevga ). No more ‘friendly’ flame wars then, prove who is the best!


Winner apps

First place: Fiml Closet

Second place: Icarus Logbook

Third place: History Portal

Fourth place: Maths on the go

Fifth place: Close the loop

Sixth place: E.O.P.Y.Y.

Seventh place: Sudoku Magic

Eighth place: Ixni

Ninth place: Beerology