Silverlight Concepts Samples

Yesterday I made a presentation entitled “Best Practices in Silverlight 2 (Intro)” where I showed several small samples to illustrate the concepts I wished to expose. Some listeners asked me about the samples source code and I agreed to publish it. You can find it on this post.

Please notice this code was developed to illustrate some concepts during the session and may not make sense when analyzed out of context.

I might write a post explaining some of the concepts later on.

Project Name: PFCoverflow
Description: My “Cover-flow alike” UI implementation. Please read part I and part II.
Source Code: here.
Running Sample: here.

Project Name: MySamples… (all other)
Source Code: here.


Project Name: MySamples.InstallWithout vs MySamples.InstallCustom
Description: Customizing Installation Experience

Project Name: MySamples.SplashScreenWithout vs MySamples.SplashScreen
Description: Customizing Load Experience

Project Name: MySamples.RedrawRegions
Description: Playing with parameters

Project Name: MySamples.SplashScreenAsyncLoad
Description: Async Loading Resources

Project Name: MySamples.IsolatedStorage
Description: Using Isolated Storage

Project Name: MySamples.DesignMode
Description: Data on UserControls in DesignMode

Project Name: MySamples.Text
Description: Scaling Text (to measure performance)

Project Name: MySamples.Memory
Description: Garbage Collector Test

Project Name: MySamples.Localization
Description: Localizing User Controls with Resource Files

Pedro Fortes