Funny Visual Studio video from Korea

Ja Young Lee, a product marketer in Microsoft Korea created a developer song with funny flash animation for the launch and posted it on their launch site.

It's hilarious! - You can find other Microsoft marketers and 5 MVPs in the animation. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the translation for part of the song:

Now, things have changed.
Take the opportunity for taking my idea to fly high
The VS 2005 is finally reborn,
as the beacon for software developers dreaming freedom.
You do not call me a coder any more for god's sake,
because we keep striving to be part of a larger world.
Since I have a brand-new design right here in my hand,
I can now embrace the whole future, using my whole body,
for you and me
for you and me.
We are proud of being developers leading this world.
And We will take the flowers of hope to fruition, even bigger than ever before.
I will arm myself, because that is the only way to put an end to this boring life.
I will invest in myself, because that is the only way
that I can refresh myself and be ahead of others.

Click here to watch the video.