I Love my Zune

Got a 4Gb black Zune for the Holidays and I love it.  It seems to be a trend- take a look at this article from Joe Wilcox where he makes a point about Zune's increasing popularity, and he mentions the packaging - I just now realized I also saved the packaging, it is so beautiful. I don't think I have the box for any other product I have purchased, so it is a good sign of things done right.

Packaging is just the beginning: setup was a breeze, syncing my music was quick, and the little player works like a charm. I love the screen and the single-button interface and how you slide your finger upwards to increase volume. The 4 Gb model is smaller than I expected, seems pretty solid and looks great.

Could it be that, just maybe, Zune is finally cool? I went to the Zune My Space page and I found comments like these: "Zune Players Rule, Baby! ...Zune's the best and better than iPod that's for sure" ...Zunes Rock.....It is totally awesome!... "

So if you are thinking about getting a new MP3 player, I strongly recommend you check out the Zunes.

Zune 4Gb Black

p.s. yes I am a Microsoft employee and (very minority) shareholder, however this is my honest opinion.