Imagine Cup update - 8 hours to go!

It's 6 AM in Yokohama - all 6 competitors in the IT Challenge are working hard to complete all requirements.An interesting combination of a strong will to win and caffeine flows through their veins.

We have sounded the alarm three times now. Every time they see the red light go off they get off their keyboards to learn about a new unexpected challenge that they need to solve in the next 24 hours. Just like in real life. So far they have survived blackouts, internet connectivity loss (while maintaining operability), and a few security challenges.

Here is a shot showing the two judges evaluating how Emannuel is doing with the third challenge

Some competitors are starting to feel the frustration of not being able to complete som aspects of the challenge. Emanuel from Romania has been struglling with side to side VPN servers using ISA for the last 4 hours. In the meantime, the judges and I recall stories where we have experienced a fault like this in a mission critical situation and we had to find a slution knowing that every minute of downtime was costing the company. We talked about the fragility back in the days when ethernet networks used RG-58 cables and any fault in any point in the cable (like a faulty terminator cap) would bring the whole network down. Just now, Emanuel has found a solution. His VPN is working now, he is moving on to the next task. A wide small across his face while he sips a cold Suntory Expresso drink.

I also checked the Visual Gaming competition where high school and college students are still optimizing the Artificial Intelligence of ther nanobots in a furious attempt to save Dr. Hoshimi. Each nanobot is tasked to find and destroy the viruses that Dr. Hoshimi injected into his body to demonstrate the nabobots can work. Will they be able to save Dr. Hosimi?

While they do this, Thomas Luccini takes a well deserved break from the competition


Short Film competitors are either somewhere areound the hotel in Yokohama taking the last few clips for their production using their DV Cam cameras or editing in the competition room. They also were presented the challenge of creating something compelling in 24 hours


More updates in the next few hours...