Playing with the Motorola Q q9

I had the opportunity to play yesterday with a Moto Q q9 (hard to say, some people are calling it the Q squared or Q2). Sure it has all the specs to make it a winner and build upon the success of the Moto Q. But the thing that struck me as more important is that while this phone is very slighlty larger than the Q, the QWERTY keyboard is probably the best one I have used in a mobile device. The spacing andfeel of the keys makes you feel at home with this keyboard, it is really great. Heavy users of mobile email will love this one!


Additonal specs:

  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Quad-band GPRS/EDGE radio with HSDPA for 3.6Mb/second support
  • 320x240 screen, support for 30fps video
  • Voice Recognition, VPN and AntiVirus

Take a look at the specs on the Motorola site or download the spec document.. I know what you are asking - the site reads "expected to be available in Q2 2007"