Soma on Imagine Cup, details

8:10AM Update - Breakfast is served, teams are taking a quick break, there is more activity at the Pan Pacific hotel. 6 hours to go. The algorithm competitors are in their own rooms solving individual challenges. The short film teams have been up since dawn taking the last few shots and are headed back to their editing stations. The IT guys are getting ready for the next challegne. Visual Gaming competitors are fine tuning the performance of their nanobots.    

We are hoping the Indian team makes it in time for the final rounds. The airport at Mumbai is open now and they are on their way. Students are talking about the finals on the forums at

Soma is blogging about the Imagine Cup too. He'll be here for the final ceremony. So will Nolan Bushnell, Atari founder (also founder of Chuck E Cheese) who is promoting his latest idea, uWink.

If you want to learn more about the competitions and finalist teams, the Imagine Cup presspass is a good resource.