Third day with the Q9

The last two days have been nightmarish. Just after I wrote my last post, I switched to the extended battery on my Q. A few minutes later my Toshiba laptop started to crash every 10 minutes. I had heard some M4s had overheating problems - mine would work for a few minutes then completely freeze.

It took me the rest of the day to determine what was bad in my notebook (tried different memory DIMMs, etc). During that time my Motorola Q9 was my only email device. Without a WIndows Mobile phone I would have been in a pretty bad situation - unless I had gone home to work using OWA from my home PC.

Anyway, I used my smartphone as my primary email device as I had never done. Downloaded large emails and atatchments, replied, started new emails, did three hour-length conference calls, etc. The next day as I called our IT department and set up a loaner PC it was the same. In the meantime I played a couple games of Solitaire too. In other words, it was the perfect stress test for the extended battery. Last night at home I still had one bar. Typing on the Q9 was better than on any other device I have used.

That sealed it. I am keeping the Q9 for a long time.