Azure & Dreamspark: Getting started with Git

One of the things you should do is make sure you have GitHub set up for your Web App/Site, this way your innovations are stored safely and you can make changes quickly.  With Dreamspark Azure, you can’t do continuous deployment, but you can do what I think of as normal deployment.

So how to get started?

GitHub is either easily understood, or it is difficult, there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground for most people.  If you are of the latter group, then work through the book ProGit and then do the Git Immersion, both are free. 

I could cover how to set-up Git on your system, but there are plenty of folks that have done excellent work in online learning, so here is a short link list, of items that I have been using personally.  So read the book and do the Git Immersion, then you should be ready to go to use Git or GitHub with Azure.  Since there are a number of things you need to learn when working with Azure, having to figure out Git and figure out Azure will likely cause internal confusion.

  • Free eBook: ProGit, this book is much better than the one I purchased, organization is excellent.  Works for all systems.
  • Online tutorial: Git Immersion, I used this to get up to speed and use it in my college classes if the students are not familiar with  Git
  • If you get far, and it should only be after working with the ProGit and Git Immersion Tutorial, then give this article GitHub for Windows Azure Websites
  • And here is the link to GitHub


Learning how to use Git either independently or with GitHub is important for your career.  This blog was written to motivate you to use available material to learn about Git.