Azure: Get started with Dreamspark WebApps and MySQL on Azure!

Looking to demo your skills as a web designer?  AND you are a student with a .EDU account.  Then you can sign up for the Azure Dreamspark starting at  You will need to create a Microsoft Account, which you should do using your SCHOOL email account, NOT your GMail or other.  Your school account .EDU account gives you the free access.

Once you work through the workflow to get the Azure Dreamspark Web App and MySQL account, you will need to follow these instructions, which I just did and they work perfectly.  And I didn’t use Visual Studio 2013 community edition, I used Visual Studio 2015.  Although, you might be able to use TouchDevelop or Visual Studio Code.

Instructions: Azure Dreamspark WebApps, follow the links and you will be building your first Web App in just a few minutes.

Now this is not a full version of Azure by any means, you can only use a few products, as of 6/8/2015 you do have access to:

  • JoomLa which is a Content Management System
  • MySQL, with 20 megs and 4 total connections (enough for well designed IOT)
  • Team Project: Git Repos, project tracking and others
  • Application Insight: Insight into your Web App performance and an important tool that you need to know how to use when working

I was able to get a Web App posted to Azure within 20 minutes after starting the Dreamspark Process.  You won’t be able to use Custom Domain Names, but seriously, that is what is for, you can just create a custom for your website!

So if you are a student, and student is defined as anyone with a .EDU email.  Go to and work through the process, and demonstrate that you are able to use the “Cloud”!