Home Automation: Insteon on Hub, an example of a company with a plan

Insteon is a company I really respect.  Home Automation has long been a dream of science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury to any recent movie.  For a large chunk of time Insteon has been a strong player with high tide and low, and as Warren Buffett says: “It’s when the tide goes out you see who has no pants.”  In this case Insteon has the pants and the presence.

When you commit to a home automation system, Insteon is a good bet in my opinion.  The first start you might want to consider is to download the Insteon on Hub from the Microsoft App  Store (there are other Operating Systems that support it as well).  You can buy a Hub at:

I don’t use any automation at this time, but in the past I have.  I bought Insteon and really liked their equipment.  Why aren’t I using home automation?  Seriously, my house is really simple, my power bill is $9.00 per month, and this is in California.  And I also do not have solar power, this is just from simplification in my life.  I have all of the usual electronics like HDTV, multiple screens, 2 refrigerators, lights.

Would I consider restoring my home automation? Sure. 

But to be clear, I tested this system at a neighbors house, not mine.  Insteon didn’t pay, provide samples or take me out to a nice lunch.  This is just my review.

So make sure to get the Windows 8 app: Insteon on Hub

It’s solid.