Intel Edison: Collaborating with Intel

I have been working with Intel in a collaboration for the past two months, and they are great to work with.  New ideas, new ways of doing things and new ways to use words.  For the latter it is interesting to hear how other large corporations kind mutate language to map to their own goals and internal structures.

We are focused on showing how the Intel Edison and the Intel XDK are great tools for the hobbyists, new hardware designer and corporate designer.  Intel is very interested in working with all of the software companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and naturally Microsoft is interested in working with Intel.  For me it is clear that Intel is open to all of these corporations, as well as new ideas from small companies like

Let me know if you have used the Intel Edison board, and I will be adding videos on using C in Visual Studio with the goal for you to be able to use the code on your Edison for scientific work.

Note that there is a change in the title from the pretentious: Secret Microsoft Communications to the more exciting: Citizen Scientist.  I will reveal the reasons for the change in personal brand over the next few blogs.