IOT: An interesting video that I watched about the Raspberry Pi 2

Other than spending the day writing up a more technology blog, but today, while working I also had on a video from the Build 2015 event.

The demo is how to blink things on and off.  In this case the thing is an LED, unlike the Arduino, Digital Output will always require a resistor, no matter what color wavelength is in nanometers.

This video is only for C#, there are other issues with using CPP, minor, but I have found it to be an interesting path.  Also, not clear, just how do I secure my Raspberry Pi 2+ (for Linux) ? 

What did I do after watching this video?  I fired up Visual Studio and started a new C++ project for IOT.  Yep, C++, not C#.  There are distinct differences between the two even in Visual Studio.  That will be covered in a blog later this week, maybe.